Ruth will be presenting on Animal Shamanism

Oracle, Teacher of the Mysteries, Medium and Animal Communicator. 

Founder of “Taste Your Magic” global healing

For over 20yrs Ruth has helped to guide Gifted Leaders to connect to the mystery and magic all around them so that they can bridge the gap between the metaphysical and physical, embracing their power and calling so they can lead with greater impact. She has worked with professional athletes, CEO’s of major companies, billionaires, celebrities, and government officials from over 28 countries and has been featured on multiple tv and radio shows around the world as a guest expert. Ruth’s ultimate goals is to help her clients tap into their inner power so they can expand their natural gifts into supernatural gifts that can enhance their positive influence in the world. Unleashing joy, abundance, healing and freedom in all parts of their lives. 

She has the ability to connect with and communicate with anything, anyone, anywhere at any moment if it is willing. Beyond the layers of this physical understanding.  

She owns Silver Dance Ranch in Utah with her sexy husband Scott. Lives happily with their 3 kids, 13 horses, 4 goats, 2 cats, 1 dog, 4 snakes and a Zebra.

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