Carolyn’s Presentation is called:m Weaving Healing Webs of Connection

Carolyn Renée Morris (she/her) is a teaching and healing artist with decades of service/experience in the creative and healing arts. She’s the former executive director of the ArtsXchange, a 37-year-old art and social change organization, and Alternate ROOTS, a 44-year old social justice organization lifting up art as activism in the Southeast USA. Carolyn Renée is committed to the pursuit of healing, art and social justice, and well-being for BIPOC at the forefront of advancing justice. She is a certified InterPlay Leader and in 2008 became a wellness educator/practitioner to heal herself from an illness which led her to merge the healing and creative arts as a service to others. With InterPlay, she creates Sacred Space for BIPOC and partners with USA/Ghana-based A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute to ensure every home has an engaged artist/healer. She goes by “Carolyn Renée.”

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