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Join with Master Healers and Teachers from around the globe to learn tools and techniques for vibrant health and wellness.

YOU ARE INVITED! Join with Us for a GLOBAL HEALING EVENT!  September 8th, 9th, 10th, 2022

Align with the frequency of health! Join with over 30 healers, speakers and teachers from around the world to learn and practice!

Master Healers and Teachers from around the globe

Are you seeking greater health and wellness?

Are you stuck in some way that prevents you from moving forward in your life or your business?

Are you seeking to align with your most authentic YOU?

Do you feel a calling to contribute to the world in a greater way?

Join with teachers and healers that will share ideas and techniques for your health and healing.

Health is Wealth! And it includes many facets…emotional, physical, mental, energetic and more. The frequency of feeling GOOD!

Have you been searching for the just the right information to help you and your loved ones have vibrant health and radiant energy?

Join with like-minded community from around the world for over 30 powerful presentations from Master healers/teachers/speakers gathering for a variety of experiences to help you align with the frequency of health.

We are so excited to share these amazing people and their unique gifts and tools and techniques for living a happy and healthy life.

Some of the presentations include:

Sound Healing and the Power of Music, Ayurveda and Siddha Veda (The ancient Sciences of Health and Success), The Freedom from Fear Formula, Ancient Secrets that will Transform Your Life, Awakening Divine Feminine, Overcoming Fear, Breathing Your Way to Health, 7 Principles of Conscious Creation, 8 Dimensions of Wellness, ”Is Prayer Medicine?”, Weaving Healing Webs of Connection, Choosing Intuitively–Reframing Commitments, Feng Shui Secrets, Healing the Heart’s Light, We are Multi-dimensional Beings, Our Physical Position and Its Influence on Ease and Energy in the Body, Finding the Stillpoint for Self-Care & Community Care, The Art of Grieving: How Art and Art-Making Helps Us Live Our Best Lives Now, Loving Depression, A Users Guide to Stepping Out of the Shadows, It’s time for Freedom- Importance of Energetically Releasing Trauma From The Body, Clearing Unseen Negative Influences, and much more!

Only $44 for 3 full days of experiences with a like-minded and like-hearted online community from around the globe. Recordings will be made available after the event.


Everything you are currently experiencing in your health, your relationships, and your business are all an extension of YOU and a reflection of the background of your life.

Let us step into harmony with the highest frequency of our truest selves. As we do, together we can create a ripple of positive change around the world! When each of us take on the responsibility of our own part, like the 100th monkey experiment, the transformation of the world will begin to unfold effortlessly. Let’s gather together and mobilize the energy for this transformation to occur.

The Global Healers Summit 2022 is hosted by Intuitive Breakthrough Strategist and Master Energy Healer, Rochel Rittgers, Tibetan Breathwork Expert and Thought Leader, Jody Curtis, and Meditation Expert and Native Shaman, Anne Fernandez. Each will be serving as Master of Ceremonies for this event and providing their own speaking expertise throughout this platform.

We invite you to join The Global Healers Summit 2022 where the consummate environment will be set for you to step into harmony with your highest and healthiest self through the theme of “ALIGN WITH THE FREQUENCY OF HEALTH.”

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In three short days with the Summit team, you will permanently upgrade the unseen “programs” that run in your mind in order to claim and maintain the upgraded results you desire in your body, mind and spirit… and possibly even your bank account. Experience transformation in the health of all areas of your life! All while experiencing deeper meaning, peace, and bliss in how you relate to yourself and others.

Join the Global Healers Summit and their mission-driven strategies to determine your ultimate desires, build self-mastery, upgrade your connections and make valuable contributions for the world’s future.

In this experience you will UNITE with others around the world as you align yourself with the frequency of health during 3 days of transformational presentations by powerful MASTER HEALERS, internationally acclaimed TEACHERS, and warriors of light in the transformation of the energy of our sacred planet.

All this takes place September 8, 2022 through September 10, 2022 from 8 AM-3 PM Pacific Daylight Time/11AM-6PM Eastern Daylight Time. 

We invite you to JOIN in this community of heart-centered, like-minded people from all around the world sharing inspired healing techniques that can work for YOU and those you love!

When you register for the summit, you will gain access to the Global Healers Community
private Facebook group, invitations to virtual community events as well as access to three full days of
presentations on the private Zoom link. For your convenience, each talk will also be recorded
and available for replay in the private Facebook page for 24 hours following each speaker.

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LEARN from expert healers and inspired speakers as they teach tools and techniques that will
empower you to heal yourself and others.

Each day has been carefully crafted with intimate experiences designed to get you out of your life routine and your comfort zone, and to connect with your ultimate power, the power of your heart. This is where real and lasting change occurs.

Each day offers the excellence of morning and afternoon highly acclaimed Keynote Speakers sharing their established processes for achieving the highest levels of health.

September 8th our Keynote opener is Seven-time Emmy award winning composer and Founder of Wisdom of the World Wellness, Gary Malkin presenting his excellence through music and verse.

The afternoon Keynote on the 8th promises to touch you with unique energies as James Gilliland, 30 year caretaker of ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestial Intelligence), takes us into other-worldly healing experiences.

September 9th our day is packed with power and opens with Award-winning Author of Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, Doctor Clint G. Rogers sharing about Ancient Secrets to Becoming the Best YOU, and the afternoon that day will shine the light on the multiple award-winning Musical Genius and world renowned harpist Peter Sterling.

September 10th the energy continues to build as Dr. Smita and Krushna Naram with Ancient Secret Solutions from the Siddha Veda Lineage for Health and Wellness, open our day and reveal some of the most ancient healing techniques known on this planet. That afternoon our most seasoned expert, with over 40 years of teaching and guiding students under her tutelage, Sheila Collins will be guiding us into finding harmony in our health by learning The Art of Grieving and healing through dance.

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Our Featured speaker list goes on and on with over 30 renowned speakers, authors, healers and teachers providing unique ways for you to step into your most profound health.

Some of these speakers include Legendary Coach and speaker Gerald Rogers and FEMintuition Expert Allison Maya Rose Rogers, Mentor and Coach Amy Joy, Guided Intuitive healer Joan of Angels, Global Prayer Practitioner and founder of ReThink Prayer, Angela C.Montano, Trauma Release expert, Tony Litster, Liminal Somatics Teacher Faith Chinnock, and so many more to be announced…

Live, guided meditations will anchor the energies we build to activate the healing powers within you, and together we will send that love and light out to the world.

The donation for the Global Healers Summit is $44, an incredibly low investment to hear some of the world’s top speakers. We look forward to teaming together with you to make this a global impact of love and healing.

Recordings will be made available after the event.

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