Anne will be one of the hosts of this event and she will be presenting on the topics: Thursday: “Who are you and what defines you?” On Saturday, Anne will present on: We are multi-dimensional beings

Yasmine Anne Fernandez is a published author, speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, meditation guide, reiki master, a medium and channels from the non-physical world. She is also vice president on the board of the Yucca Valley center for spiritual living.

Anne has studied with shamans and worked with renowned psychics Chuck Bergman and James Van Praagh. She has a private practice as an intuitive life coach and has been working with thousands of clients for over forty years.

Her private sessions consist of using the best tools to fit each client’s needs and is passionate about helping her clients be empowered and guiding them back to wholeness.

Anne was born and raised in a small village surrounded by sugar cane fields and with no modern-day distractions, nature became her temple, her teacher. Her shamanic work takes her clients into nature where an awakening and awareness of self and oneness with all occurs, and healing begins.

Anne’s own experience with an autoimmune disease led her down a dark path where she wanted to leave her body. However, the spiritual thread that ran through the tapestry of her life caused her to find her way back to wholeness and begin to heal.

Anne’s work comes from her heart and a desire to heal humanity. Quote from Anne’s book: “each person’ growth affects the growth of the planet”…You Matter.

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YouTube: Wisdom Talks with Yasmine Anne
Book on Amazon: “Moonlight ‘Pon Wire

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