Victoria Reynolds is an angelic walk-in and physical embodiment of Victoria, Elohim of Freedom. In her presentation, Healing the Heart’s Light, you will learn the role fear plays in traumatizing the human heart and how to free yourself from its grasp to find peace and love within. 

Victoria was born into a fundamentalist, polygamist cult in the mountains of Montana where she experienced all the trauma and drama necessary to grow into her life purpose as a voice for spiritual freedom, restoration of the human heart and creation of a new reality based solely on love. 

Her purpose on the planet is to help free all life on Earth from all confines and controls of fear and restore the human heart to its fullest potential. As each one of us heals our hearts and finds our own inner light, we can then spread that forward, inter-creating an entirely new world where peace and prosperity for all, really is possible.  

Victoria is a spiritual luminary, host of Fearless and Free TV, author of four books with more on the way, transformational teacher, and international speaker. Visit Victoria’s official website to learn more about her personal story, participate in one of her upcoming classes, book a one-on-one session or purchase one of her life-changing books or products. 

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