Tony is speaking on “Change Your Frequency- Change Your Problems”.

If we all changed our frequencies right now, we would radically shift the worlds problems in this moment. But that is easier said than done. When we fix the underlying background noise that keeps our vibration low, we remove what keeps us stuck.

We all have habitual patterns, ancestral ways, traumas and shame that make up the background noise of our lives. It is what is familiar to us, and also what keeps us stuck. When we learn to release this old energy from our non-language based “survival brain”, we automatically level up. We are no longer fighting against ourselves.

In this presentation I will share the practical tools to release these energies from the tissue of our bodies and get out of our own way.

Tony has a unique background that brings together real life results in the offline and online business worlds.  Over 25 years, he has owned businesses ranging from furniture stores, real estate, online education products, and performance coaching.

He helped build and sell an online publishing businesses that had a social media reach of over 100 million views during its best week.

He has spent over 11,000 hours deep inside the inner worlds of CEO’s, executives, attorneys, athletes, artists and world changers.

Tony specializes in helping people re-regulate their nervous system to overcome self-sabotage patterns, connect more deeply, and welcome luck into life. 

As a trainer and public speaker, Tony’s humor and vulnerability create a unique environment that allows for radical new results in your body, money and deep relationships. 

Integrating cutting edge brain science and mind – body connection, he will empower you with the tools to navigate the actual experience of juggling relationships, business and creating your dreams.

Tony currently lives between Idaho and the Dominican Republic with his wife and 5 kids and is practicing growing a beard.

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