Amy Joy Coaching

Amy is presenting: It’s time for Freedom- Importance of Energetically Releasing Trauma From The Body, Clearing Unseen Negative Influences

Amy Joy is a #1 International Best Selling Author, a Breakthrough Strategist at Amy Joy Coaching and is founder and CEO of Upaya Healing Center. Amy is also a sacred Kambo facilitator, Reiki master, and is certified in Sound, Instant Miracle, and Crystal Healing.

Amy worked 4 years as a missionary in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, is a single mother of two sons by birth plus another son by unofficial adoption. She escaped an abusive marriage, started over in a foreign country and is now thriving and living her best life. She is also a child of the planet, having visited 62 countries. Amy loves people and is passionate about helping and inspiring them to live extraordinary lives.

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Rochel Rittgers

Speaking Topic: Manifest Your Destiny: The 4R’s to Unleashing Your Emotional Freedom Part 1 (Thursday) & Part II (Friday)

The single most important influence affecting our evolutionary growth is our success in doing our inner work. Rochel’s intuitive journey into her own inner healing has provided an important process to finally Reveal, Reconnect, Realign and Release the emotional energies that have been keeping us stuck in life. 

Bring your journals and your tissues as we embark on this very important journey together. 

Intuitive Breakthrough Strategist
Rochel R Rittgers is the author of the upcoming book, Radiate, Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life. She is the founder and CEO of Infinite Living Center of Holistic Experience and the Infinite Living Institute.

She has been a featured presenter and MC on radio, television and national and international stages sharing her unique techniques to assist people in achieving greater personal and
business success.

Rochel is especially passionate about helping people realize who they really are, so that they can step into their most authentic power. She
enjoys clearing people’s inner chaos so that they can experience complete inner freedom, and as an acclaimed medical intuitive she is committed to helping clients release buried pain through a combination of her Signature Intensive Emotional Release Therapy, Medical Qigong, and crystal and sound healing so that they can THRIVE in life and in business.
Rochel really enjoys leading and hosting spiritual retreats, loving on her 4-legged fur babies, and climbing trees.

To book Rochel text 309-269-6989

During this workshop participants will:

  • Experience proven methods to identify and release inner trauma
  • Learn skills to awaken the most authentic version of themselves
  • Receive tools to set themselves up for greater levels of success

“After my session with Rochel, there was a huge sense of peace and
relief. I shake my head at how awesome these sessions are for me.
Miracles for sure. Thanks for helping me to become a newer more
improved me.” Rod, Retired Business Owner

“Rochel is a natural speaker with a comfortable command of the stage.
The first time I heard her speak I was surprised at her ease in front of
the audience.” Joel Bauer, Speaker Trainer

“Rochel is one of the most powerful healers and intuitives I know!” Paige
Harris, Speaker

Dr. Clint G. Rogers

Dr. Clint will be presenting on 3 Life-Changing Ancient Secrets for Having All Three: Health, Wealth & Happiness

Do you want to align your life’s work with the Ancient Secrets which can bring you increased health, happiness & abundance? Most of the time people sacrifice one or two of these three things (health, happiness, abundance) at the expense of the other, but how can you experience all three while being aligned with your highest purpose? Dr. Clint had the unique gift of being trained for over a decade by a master healer that not only could make a profound healing difference on this planet, but also how to do so in a way that brought non-toxic abundance.

This presentation will be the first time Dr. Clint is speaking publicly after being offline and doing powerful internal work for the last one month. During his ‘silence’, mystical experiences came to Dr Clint which brought profoundly grounding insights which he is excited to share — these simple, powerful ancient secrets can change your life forever.

Dr. Clint will also share a unique, exclusive opportunity for you to immediately apply these principles in a New Miracle Experiment Game focused on Abundance. Starting this month, during this 30-Day Miracle Game, You’ll apply with others around the world powerful Ancient Secrets that can invite more and more abundance in Your life, in a long-term, non-toxic, very exciting way while contributing to your own healing and the healing of the planet. 

Whether you’ve heard Dr Clint present in the past or not, come to this presentation ready for a new vibrational upgrade which can shift the direction of the rest of your life into a path of more health, happiness & abundance.

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Jody Curtis

Jody Curtis will be speaking about “Breathing your way to health” and leading breathwork exercises and guided meditations.

Rev. Jody Curtis is a Creative Consultant, Thought Leader and Spiritual Coach, as well as a homeschooling mom of an awesome 10 year old daughter.

Jody developed a deep understanding of the breath of life and the Creative Spirit within, after overcoming stage 4 blood cancer in her early 30’s. This took her even deeper into her journey of understanding and utilizing the magic of nature’s gifts, and the power of the human mind and spirit for health and healing.

She has worked with many people from all walks of life to help uplevel their thinking, and fully utilize ancient wisdom as well as modern tools to spark the creator and healer within.
Jody loves helping people heal themselves gently and naturally, as well as activate their own superpowers to make their dreams a reality.

Currently, she teaches ancient Tibetan breathwork and other classes internationally online, and has students in 104 countries. She is a Reverend of the Science of Mentalphysics, and a founder and Creator at EmpowerHouse Productions.

Jody has published articles in health/wellness/spiritual publications as well as given talks on a variety of subjects over the span of many years.

She is passionate about creating content that uplifts, inspires and empowers humankind.
When she is not creating content and building her online empire, you can find her painting, singing, hiking in nature or jumping on the trampoline with her daughter.”