Peter Bedard

Peter will be Speaking on the topic: Loving Depression, A Users Guide to Stepping Out of the Shadows

You know how impossible it seems to heal at times? How some people live in fear of never being able to heal their pain and end up relying on drugs and surgery to survive? Well, Peter has healed himself of everything from chronic anxiety to arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, sciatica, and he’s died before and come back to a body wracked in pain, a mind trapped in fear, and a spirit broken.

He’s healed from all this and more and he can help you to do the same. Peter has a MA in Consciousness Studies and has been a consultant for companies, LA Theatre Center, Huberman Lab at Stanford University, etc.. Through his expertise working with anxiety, addiction, and pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) Peter has developed a tried-and-true process for creating your own blueprint for wellness, Convergence Healing, and he can help you (

Throughout his personal healing process Peter discovered the power of holistic therapies. With this understanding he has created a thriving one-on-one private practice, workshops, and talks. He teaches around the world and he has an online healing tea store,, that is inspired by the traditional healing qualities Mother Nature shares with us.

You can find Peter’s book, “Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love” published by Simon & Schuster on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, iTunes, Indie Bound, iBooks, etc. and at your neighborhood bookstore. Peter’s second book, “Cultivating Joy When Happiness is Work, A 30 Day Guide for Healing Depression” is due out soon and his children’s book, “Billy and the Anxiety Monster” is in the printing process.

Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels, also known as Dr Joan Hangarter, D.C., is a channel for angelic energies and is here to heal, inspire and remind others of their purpose and potentials. She acts as an intuitive guide, oracle and transformational teacher, and is known for her healing messages, wisdom and art she channels.

She is host of Miracle Monday, a visionary artist, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and holds a master’s in counseling. For over 40 years she has guided, counseled, and uplifted people from across the world to align their body, mind, and spirit to reclaim their personal power and allow the leader within to emerge.

She offers transformational coaching, soul awakening sessions, and uses her skills as a chiropractic energy healer to be a medical intuitive.In 2013, she was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus launching her work as an artist and a channel for these divine beings to assist you.

Visit her at to get your FREE E-BOOK on living your soul -filled purpose.

Angela Montano

Angela’s presentation is called: “IS PRAYER MEDICINE?”

An international spiritual practitioner, Angela Montano is devoted to sharing the utterly transformative power of prayer. Her podcast PRAYER ON THE AIR has listeners in 32 countries, and her best selling online course 21 DAYS OF PRAYER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE offered by has close to 28 thousand students.

Angela began her career as a television reporter, host and producer on local news and PBS. She was a contributor to the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour and field producer on the Emmy Award- winning show, From The Redwoods. In the hundreds of news pieces she covered, Angela saw something deeper in the human spirit—a richer story than the ones she reported
to her TV audiences. A soul call led Angela to Los Angeles, where she began studying under renowned spiritual leaders, including Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Licensed as a spiritual practitioner, Angela has discovered and practiced many different ways of praying to meet the needs of her clients. She has facilitated over 25,000 individual sessions with people of all different faiths and belief systems, from around the world.

Angela considers prayer to be our greatest technology. As our ever-changing circumstances
can create frustration, anxiety and suffering, Angela helps her clients let go of control, trust in a higher power and live from the inside out.

Visit her Link Tree link to find out more about everything Angela offers!

To listen: Prayer on the Air podcast available through the following platforms: (no subscription is necessary)

Paige H. Clark

Paige will be presenting: Reprogramming the Subconscious

Paige is a certified hypnotherapist & yoga instructor, coach and retreat specialist.

She is the founder of Clarity Consulting and has coached thousands of people to spiral up into the lives that they love through business and mindset coaching.

She has been on a deep dive journey into health and happiness of her own as she juggles single motherhood, entrepreneurship and recently overcame breast cancer.

Paige is honored to share a platform with so many incredible healers and leaders and is excited to share part of her journey and discoveries she has found from the opportunity of getting to choose love over fear again and agin, especially during this last year! or

Tony Litster

Tony is speaking on “Change Your Frequency- Change Your Problems”.

If we all changed our frequencies right now, we would radically shift the worlds problems in this moment. But that is easier said than done. When we fix the underlying background noise that keeps our vibration low, we remove what keeps us stuck.

We all have habitual patterns, ancestral ways, traumas and shame that make up the background noise of our lives. It is what is familiar to us, and also what keeps us stuck. When we learn to release this old energy from our non-language based “survival brain”, we automatically level up. We are no longer fighting against ourselves.

In this presentation I will share the practical tools to release these energies from the tissue of our bodies and get out of our own way.

Tony has a unique background that brings together real life results in the offline and online business worlds.  Over 25 years, he has owned businesses ranging from furniture stores, real estate, online education products, and performance coaching.

He helped build and sell an online publishing businesses that had a social media reach of over 100 million views during its best week.

He has spent over 11,000 hours deep inside the inner worlds of CEO’s, executives, attorneys, athletes, artists and world changers.

Tony specializes in helping people re-regulate their nervous system to overcome self-sabotage patterns, connect more deeply, and welcome luck into life. 

As a trainer and public speaker, Tony’s humor and vulnerability create a unique environment that allows for radical new results in your body, money and deep relationships. 

Integrating cutting edge brain science and mind – body connection, he will empower you with the tools to navigate the actual experience of juggling relationships, business and creating your dreams.

Tony currently lives between Idaho and the Dominican Republic with his wife and 5 kids and is practicing growing a beard.

Faith Chinnock

Faith will be presenting on: Choosing Intuitively–Reframing Commitments

During this session you will learn a simple practice to develop a powerful request through listening to your body’s intuition. Instead of feeling pushed to “commit,” you will learn how to allow what you would love to be present in you, and move from this place.

Faith Chinnock, California, USA, is a Life Coach, Energy Worker, Parent Educator and Certification Candidate through the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Faith shares simple somatic practices that foster an intuitive, deep listening for the life energy that is beneath each behavior, feeling, and thought. Her passion is to collaborate with others to create a space for healing, community, and reconnecting with ourselves.

Karly Treacy

Karly will be presenting: Physical Position and Its Influence on Ease and Energy in the Body.

Visit her website:

Karly Treacy, began her journey in fitness over 25 years ago. A certified Personal Trainer, yoga teacher and pilates instructor, Karly has taught for Yoga Works in LA, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Pure Barre, designed and instructed an alignment based Barre class for Equinox in Boston, MA, and is the founder of the KT Method.

Karly has created “The Training Class”, a journey of self-exploration through movement and many empowering strength programs based on 20+ years of scientific studies and all of the modalities she has studied. Karly took her own ‘body lessons’ and created a breakthrough, alignment based, results driven method, that heals and transforms the body! Karly believes when we move well and breathe well, our energy aligns and we shed dis-ease from the body and the mind.

Anne Fernandez

Anne will be one of the hosts of this event and she will be presenting on the topics: Thursday: “Who are you and what defines you?” On Saturday, Anne will present on: We are multi-dimensional beings

Yasmine Anne Fernandez is a published author, speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, meditation guide, reiki master, a medium and channels from the non-physical world. She is also vice president on the board of the Yucca Valley center for spiritual living.

Anne has studied with shamans and worked with renowned psychics Chuck Bergman and James Van Praagh. She has a private practice as an intuitive life coach and has been working with thousands of clients for over forty years.

Her private sessions consist of using the best tools to fit each client’s needs and is passionate about helping her clients be empowered and guiding them back to wholeness.

Anne was born and raised in a small village surrounded by sugar cane fields and with no modern-day distractions, nature became her temple, her teacher. Her shamanic work takes her clients into nature where an awakening and awareness of self and oneness with all occurs, and healing begins.

Anne’s own experience with an autoimmune disease led her down a dark path where she wanted to leave her body. However, the spiritual thread that ran through the tapestry of her life caused her to find her way back to wholeness and begin to heal.

Anne’s work comes from her heart and a desire to heal humanity. Quote from Anne’s book: “each person’ growth affects the growth of the planet”…You Matter.

Contact information for Anne
YouTube: Wisdom Talks with Yasmine Anne
Book on Amazon: “Moonlight ‘Pon Wire

Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds is an angelic walk-in and physical embodiment of Victoria, Elohim of Freedom. In her presentation, Healing the Heart’s Light, you will learn the role fear plays in traumatizing the human heart and how to free yourself from its grasp to find peace and love within. 

Victoria was born into a fundamentalist, polygamist cult in the mountains of Montana where she experienced all the trauma and drama necessary to grow into her life purpose as a voice for spiritual freedom, restoration of the human heart and creation of a new reality based solely on love. 

Her purpose on the planet is to help free all life on Earth from all confines and controls of fear and restore the human heart to its fullest potential. As each one of us heals our hearts and finds our own inner light, we can then spread that forward, inter-creating an entirely new world where peace and prosperity for all, really is possible.  

Victoria is a spiritual luminary, host of Fearless and Free TV, author of four books with more on the way, transformational teacher, and international speaker. Visit Victoria’s official website to learn more about her personal story, participate in one of her upcoming classes, book a one-on-one session or purchase one of her life-changing books or products. 

Official website: 







Chuck Bergman

Chuck will be presenting: Can a loved one that has passed over receive healing after a reading?

Chuck is a third-generation psychic medium who realized his gift at a very early age. During his 32-year career as a police officer in Salem, Massachusetts, however, Chuck kept his gift under wraps. Since retirement and going public as a psychic medium, the A&E Channel and The Biography Channel have featured Chuck on the program with his own pilot program Psychic Search. Chuck has been a repeat guest on many live radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM.

Visit his website: